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We help good companies become great by driving more organic traffic to their websites through sustainable SEO. It’s not about fancy metrics but a focus on delivering the highest return on investment we can for your business.

We’re SEO experts with years of experience helping businesses like yours to grow. It’s our job to tackle the technical, using a range of methods to improve your website ranking.

We are constantly learning, adapting and improving to deliver the best possible service to our clients. If you want your business to grow organically, get in touch to learn what ROI-driven SEO can achieve for you.

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Build Great Links To Your eCommerce Store

Think backlinks are dead? You’re wrong.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to build high-quality backlinks that help your eCommerce site rank at scale. You’ll learn 9 tried and tested methods you can use to improve search engine rankings and accelerate growth. It’s packed full of common-sense advice from us and video explainers that help you put it into action.

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Find out how we earned over 160 referring domains, and grew organic traffic 115%.

We create content that people actually want to link to.

We focus on creating content that not only compliments your products, but people actually want to link to. So over time it will naturally generate links, oh and we promote the hell out of it.

We're constantly improving the way we approach SEO for our clients, always ensuring our clients get great value working with us.

Richard Kennedy
Founder, Arken Marketing

How we grow your organic traffic through SEO.

Technical SEO

All our campaigns begin with a technical site audit,without diving into all the data behind your website we can’t be sure how effective the rest will be.

We need to make sure the rest of the steps we take will work as it should, this starts with having a technically sound website.

Keyword Research

We start from the top down, not all keywords are created equal. We find keywords that are super relevant and are likely to influence a sale. Although traffic is the ultimate goal, we want traffic that is going to convert into leads or customers.

We do this through proper targeting, and we can only find the targets, with keyword research.

On-Page Optimisation

Often overlooked, on-page SEO is still vital to ranking. It’s not all about ensuring your keywords are in certain elements (this is still important), but we need to make sure your page matches the intent now more than ever.

Content Creation

Good content is going to help every aspect of the SEO campaign, it will help us generate more links, it will help us sell more products and it will help us rank.


The final piece of the puzzle, going through all the steps will make the links we build so much more effective.

In the previous step we will have created content worth link to, but it doesn’t happen by itself, we promote the hell out of our linkable assets. We pride ourselves as an SEO agency to be able to deliver great links.

What our customers are saying.


“Fantastic communication and quality of work! We would highly recommend Richard and the team at Arken”

Joshua White - Copycat Fragrances

“Absolutely fantastic experience! Went far above and beyond what we expected and really enjoy working with Rich and Arken. He’s very knowledgable with all aspects of SEO and is a good teacher, too. Highly recommended.”

Tim Langford - MD EQO

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Questions our SEO agency get asked.

It depends. But to be honest, it does depend on where you are starting from, and where you want to go. If you're on page 2 for a local term than chances are you could be on the first page within a month. But if you're nowhere to be seen for a keyword that has high commercial intent, and strong competition? It could take more than 12 months, get in touch and we'll give you a better idea after taking a look at your site.


The goal for us is that our SEO services make the biggest change possible in the shortest amount of time, but some things do genuinly take time to influence.


You should be suspicious of any SEO agency promising results in a short time. Often these are only temporary.

A backlink is a hypertext link from one website to another, you can also have internal links from one internal page to another.


Building links is a key part of our SEO services.

We use a lot in fairness, but the tools we use every day:


  • Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Mailshake
  • SurferSEO
  • SERanking

We as an award winning SEO agency use a lot more, but these are the tools we couldn't live without.

SEO has the beauty of getting your business infront of people who're already searching for you.


Regardless of how specific you get with social advertising you will never always get infront of people who're looking for what you have.


This doesn't always have to be a product, whether its some information you have, you aren't getting unrelated traffic.


This is why organic traffic converts at nearly 10X the amount.

Once you submit your details on our contact form we'll go ahead and quickly go through your site and get a rough idea of what we can do to help before getting back in touch.


Within 1 working day we'll get back in touch to find out a little more about your goals, what SEO you have had done before, and see when we can book a time to go through it all together.


At this point we'll go through your site with you (on Zoom) and see how we can best help you achieve your goals.


All being well, at this point we will put a proposal together, and hopefully begin work.

If you've researched any SEO company you'll know none or very little offer ranking guarantee's and this is because in reality, we cannot offer a guarantee on a ranking we do not directly control.

We know what it takes to rank, and we do the work that is needed but as there are so many factors involved and we guarantee to do the work that is needed, but no actual ranking guarantee.

Whether you go with ourselves or not, you should avoid any SEO agency offering such guarantees.

No, as long as search engines exist SEO will never be dead, just changed.


If anything it will just expand to different types, for example Amazon SEO is now very much a thing.

Yes we absoluely can*, depending on what you're dealing with, whether it's a manual action, or an alogrithmic penalty detemines how we approach it.

A manual action are far easier to deal with, Google will give you an idea of what the issue is and then you just have to sort that problem, fairly simple.

An algorithmic penalty on the other hand can take a lot longer, and sometimes it isn't clear what is actually holding your site back.

Often we have to do the other and then wait for the next core update to see if it's worked, so these are a lot harder to fix.

*We can certainly fix most websites, but depending on what you have previously done will determine how well it not well it will work.

SEO has always been changing, it never stays the 'same' for too long.


The key to having good results now is actually having a good service or product. Without this our jobs as SEO's are so much harder. This doesn't mean your products always, but your content has to be as good if not better than your competitors.


If you've been in SEO for long enough you may read people referencing the early days of SEO as the 'good old days'. For those who weren't in SEO at that time, it was only good for the people optimising sites, for the user is was crap.


Anybody could rank any site within weeks for pretty much any keyword. You can imagine how this was abused.

We were fully remote before it was cool (thanks 2020!).


Being fully remote allows us to work with people and companies all around the world.


We are a small growing SEO company, and it keeps out overheads down which allows us to be very competitive in terms of pricing.