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What Is SEO? And What Can It Do For Your Business?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ranking websites on search engines, most prominently Google. So whenever you Google a term, or a business somebody has optimised that website to rank for the term you’re searching for, with that knowledge you can understand why year on year, the spending in the SEO space is growing.

Often SEO is confused with Pay-Per-Click (PPC), PPC is the adverts you see on search engines. When you search for a popular term, you will  be presented with the paid adverts at the top, and the ‘organic’ results below those.

Why Are Business Spending So Much On SEO?

When you compare SEO with traditional marketing you can see why, comparing money spent ranking on Google compared to a newspaper advert for example. Not only can you track every aspect of of SEO, it’s the difference between being in front of people who are just there for whatever reason, to being infront of people who are already looking for you.

The conversion per visitor goes up exponentially when you compare SEO & PPC to traditional marketing.

Is SEO Right For Your Business?

SEO isn’t right for every business this is true, however in most cases SEO is a great way to generate more business. Even if you have to be face to face with your cleints, effective SEO Bristol will help you not only increase people through the door, but it will help you generate more calls than ever to your business.


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My job as the marketing manager is to get the most out of the marketing budget I’m allocated each year, and hands down investing in Arken has been the best decision we have made. Continual growth, year on year, we look forward to working with them even more.

Daniel - Marketing ManagerVery happy with Arken's work so far!

I want to thank Richard and his team, they helped me sort a website out and brought in business right from the beginning. I have since been able to make my first hire and already planning on expanding again, thank you!

Simon K - Plumbing Business OwnerMade my first hire with Arken's help.


Whenever we start working with a new client, there is always a checklist we go through to assess your current performance and set clear targets for the future. It’s our job to get you there.

Full SEO Audit

Everything starts with a Full SEO Audit. There are over 200 factors that Google considers before ranking your website – and we consider them all. Our audit process identifies all issues that could affect your performance and ranks them in terms of importance. By identifying the problems with your current site, we can build a strategy to fix them.

Initial Website Checks

Our initial website checks begin with a complete scan of your existing site. We search for any errors, glitches and mistakes that could be impacting on your search engine performance. These could include HTML errors, server issues, loading speed, spammy domains, poor optimisation and more. We take care of the technical, presenting you with a clear identification of all website issues that we have identified, and solutions to solve them.


Every successful SEO campaign begins with research. We analyse the critical keywords in your industry. We investigate your core competitors, understanding what makes them successful. This step helps us build a picture of your business, your competitors and your customers.

Site Architecture

The overall architecture of your website isn’t just crucial in how search engines rank your website, it also defines whether users can find the information they need. We assess the architecture of your site, pinpointing improvements that can be made to the user experience that will satisfy algorithms and customers.

On-Page SEO

Page descriptions, meta-tags and page titles that help search engines to understand what your site is all about. We review your current On-Page SEO, digging much deeper than many agencies to use internal links that improve the user experience.

Link Building

Links are all about building connections, and in SEO, connections matter. We can generate genuine backlinks that strengthen your site. We only use white-hat techniques to create links, which ensure the integrity of your site – and your search engine – remain safe.

Social Media Integration

Social media is an increasingly important factor for SEO. It stimulates conversation and interaction and can provide a rich source of links that could improve your ranking. Active social profiles demonstrate trust, giving you genuine social proof.

Results & Review

Every month we provide all of our clients with an SEO report with detailed information on ranking performance, ranking improvements, the work we have done and what’s planned for next month. Constant communication keeps you in control of the process and in charge of your future.

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We’re an award-winning SEO agency that gets results online for businesses of all sizes, from local businesses to national brands.

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