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Get The Most Out Of Your Business With Results Driven SEO

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ranking websites on search engines, most prominently Google. So whenever you Google a term, or a business somebody has optimised that website to rank for the term you’re searching for, with that knowledge you can understand why year on year, the spending in the SEO space is growing.

Often SEO is confused with Pay-Per-Click (PPC), PPC is the adverts you see on search engines. When you search for a popular term, you will  be presented with the paid adverts at the top, and the ‘organic’ results below those.

Why Are Business Spending So Much On SEO?

When you compare SEO with traditional marketing you can see why, comparing money spent ranking on Google compared to a newspaper advert for example. Not only can you track every aspect of of SEO, it’s the difference between being in front of people who are just there for whatever reason, to being infront of people who are already looking for you.

The conversion per visitor goes up exponentially when you compare SEO & PPC to traditional marketing.

The Method Behind Our SEO

Not all SEO is equal, there are different types, and depending on your goals some you should avoid. Whenever we work with businesses we always work white hat, which means we do things within the guidelines set by the search engines. This tends to take longer to see results, however they stick, as it’s an investment it’s something you want to pay for itself.

We only accept clients where we can offer a positive ROI for them, to do this it needs to be sustainable and bring in the right leads. Below we cover some of the steps we take to take a client from day 1 to bringing in leads.

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