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We specialise in content marketing and link building. If you want to rank for any competitive term, you need the very best links.

Having great content is vital to every business, whether you’re B2C or B2B, being able to connect with your audience through your content is going to help you massively when it comes to reaching your goals. Whether these are financial, or otherwise. Being able to communicate effectively, and actually create content that your potential customer actually wants to read, watch or listen to is going to make your content marketing a whole lot easier.

Our content marketing is geared heavily to SEO and the benefits it will provide in terms of ranking power for your business. Learn more about how we work and our processes below.

With a focus being on SEO & link building, expanding our services to content marketing was the natural development of ourselves as a business and our personal skills.

We have invested a lot in our staff to help our clients as much as possible. The goal of all our content marketing is to get infront of the right audience.

With a focus on the SEO side of content marketing if you’re looking to grow your organic search, then we’re the content marketing agency for you.

Not all links are created equal, we have enough experience in ranking sites to know what is a good and what we don’t want to build.

Get in touch to see how we can help you with your content marketing needs.

We're always trying to improve our content marketing services here at Arken, once you join us our only goal is to you infront of your target audience.

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Find Out How We Earned Over 160 Referring Domains, And Grew Organic Traffic 115%


Without doing proper research on your market, what it wants your content marketing campaign is certain to fail.

This is where we come up with a content marketing strategy for your business.

This is perhaps the most important part, we need to make sure there is a want for your content.

Content Creation/Ideation

Before we create the content we brainstorm ideas, to make sure we’re going to get the desired affect.

This is there the fun part happens, we have researched what we think will work, we have tested the idea with existing audiences. Now it’s time to create the content.

Promotion & Syndication

This is where we get our clients featured on the best possible websites for their industry. You don’t have to hope and cross your fingers, we already have relationships with a lot of the best websites around.

Outreach you would be proud of, all handled in-house.

Results & Review

Of course, results! We are reviewing at every step of the way, changing the angles tweaking the copy. But as we go through the campaign we review to see how we can improve going forward.

We can adjust our content marketing strategy based off the initial results.

We Create Content That Doesn’t Have A Used By Date

We believe the best way for our clients to get the most from our content marketing services is to create content that doesn’t age.

What we mean by that is create content that will after our promotion, continually build links organically for years to come.

We create awesome content, promote the hell out of it, and let the links come in.

Arken Marketing – Content Marketing Agency

We’ve been optimising websites as individuals since 2008, as things progressed out speciality was in the link building & content marketing side of SEO. We know how to get links on sites that will make the difference.

 Not only does effective content marketing help when it comes to building a brand and raising awareness, there is an added benefit of getting AWESOME backlinks to help your SEO efforts. This is where we specialise, helping brands/businesses get great covered that will help them build their business. Read more about how we go about it below, find out how we can help you.

We create content to help with SEO, there are no better backlinks than those earned from having great content. If your in-house marketing team isn’t quite getting the content marketing results you’re after, get in touch.

Create Great Content, Then Promote The Hell Out Of It