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Having great content is vital to every business, whether you’re B2C or B2B, being able to connect with your audience through your content is going to help you massively when it comes to reaching your goals. Whether these are financial, or otherwise. Being able to communicate effectively, and actually create content that your potential customer actually wants to read, watch or listen to is going to make your content marketing a whole lot easier.
Our content marketing is geared heavily to SEO and the benefits it will provide in terms of ranking power for your business. Learn more about how we work and our processes below.


Without doing proper research on your market, what it wants your content marketing campaign is certain to fail.
This is perhaps the most important part, we need to make sure there is a want for your content.

Content Creation/Ideation

Before we create the content we brainstorm ideas, to make sure we’re going to get the desired affect.
This is there the fun part happens, we have researched what we think will work, we have tested the idea with existing audiences. Now it’s time to create the content.

Promotion & Syndication

This is where we get our clients featured on the best possible websites for their industry. You don’t have to hope and cross your fingers, we already have relationships with a lot of the best websites around.
Outreach you would be proud of, all handled in-house.

Results & review

Of course, results! We are reviewing at every step of the way, changing the angles tweaking the copy. But as we go through the campaign we review to see how we can improve going forward.

Your Dream. Our Agency.

We Create content that doesn’t have a used by date

We believe the best way for our clients to get the most from our content marketing services is to create content that doesn’t age.
What we mean by that is create content that will after our promotion, continually build links organically for years to come.
We create awesome content, promote the hell out of it, and let the links come in.

Why us?

Here at Arken, we’ve been creating content since 2016 with the goal to get it shared/syndicated across other high authority websites that have our ideal audience already there. Not only does effective content marketing help when it comes to building a brand and raising awareness, there is an added benefit of getting AWESOME backlinks to help your SEO efforts. This is where we specialise, helping brands/businesses get great covered that will help them build their business. Read more about how we go about it below, find out how we can help you.

We create content to help with SEO, there are no better backlinks than those earned from having great content. If your in-house marketing team isn’t quite getting the content marketing results you’re after, get in touch.

Create Great Content, Then Promote The Hell Out Of It

How Do We Do it?

So you’ve seen our basic process, but how do we actually go about creating content that generates links and builds your brand? Of course we start with research, but what does that actually mean?

Market Research

Our first step is to look at what is already working well, we do this but first of all looking at your competitors, what have they done that worked well, is there a way we can put our own twist and getting better results? We don’t just build you a campaign to get a bunch of links and then that campaign is redundant. We create pieces of content that eventually will rank on their own and generate links naturally and organically for years to come, so it’s not just about finding an interesting story.

Content Ideation

Creating something interesting is quite easy, but creating content that people want to link to is a little different, we need to consider what our target sites are actually linking to. A mistake a lot of content marketers make is just focusing on getting as many links as possible, we want to to make sure relevant websites are linking to us to we don’t just dilute our overall relevancy and make sure these links will provide a good SEO boost.

We also need to make sure that that the content we’re going to create is actually something that websites will pick up and link to, this happens at the initial market research stage, and also when you’re discussing ideas internally.

Content Creation

Our specialty comes from creation comprehensive guides within our clients market, however we often create infographics, and other branded assets that are designed to be shared throughout the industry.


In a perfect world, the best content would always be rewarded with the top ranking and the most links from external sources. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, quite often we have to go through the SERPs to find what we’re looking for, the reason for that, is the sheer number of factors that are taken into account when any page ranks in a certain position. As our content marketing agency has grown so has our ability to connect with editors. 

We don’t send out blasts to every website within a certain market, we build strategic relationships with websites that are in our markets, also leveraging existing relationships helps us get content marketing campaigns off the ground quickly.

Results & Review

Perhaps the most important part of any campaign, we are constantly assessing how we’re doing all the way through, at every stage. However it’s good to have an idea what worked, what didn’t and most importantly how can we improve going forward. 

Why Should You Use Content Marketing Services?

There are real SEO benefits when it comes to syndicated content through the best sites in any given market, the obvious is traffic (potential customers) and brand awareness but also the SEO benefit.

Here are Arken our focus is on the SEO side of things, and there are no better backlinks than the well earned links from the biggest and best sites within your market. Our content marketing team will go out and search for the best possible links for your business and devise a marketing strategy on how to get them. 

Having great content helps all parts of your business, it will help you generate more traffic through search engines, it will give you more content for your social media activities, and it will help your email marketing efforts by helping you engage with your audience better.

Some Of The Sites Our Clients Have Been Featured:

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