Traffic Increased 466% in Just 5 Short Months With Arken!

We've seen massive improvements on the rankings of our website since working with Arken Marketing, we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in the future.

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The Challenge

Copycat Fragrances were investing a lot in PPC and social media traffic at the start of this campaign, they got in touch as they wanted a way to expand without just increasing the ad spend on what they’re already doing.

When we started work on this website, there were a lot of issues listed below. As with any new project, we make sure to sort everything we’re in control of at the beginning. This means sorting simple technical issues, making sure our pages are optimised, but not to over optimise them, and create content that people actually want to link to.

Below are just a few of the issues we had to deal with:

Technical SEO Issues:

  • Large Amount of 404 Errors
  • Incorrect Canonical Tags
  • Lack of Internal Links
  • Messy and Poorly Optimised Meta Data

Content Issues:

  • Poor Linkable Assets
  • Little To No Supporting Content


  • No Organic High Quality Backlinks

The Strategy

When we started work, there was a lot of issues with the technical side of the SEO, our first goal was to sort this. We initially did a full crawl of the site and every indexable page, with this information we were able to prioritise the most important pages first.

We focused on removing 404 errors and making sure we weren’t using any internal links to 404 pages, the internal links the site had when we first started working were minimal, but the ones that were in place hadn’t been updated since a large URL change in the past. This meant not only were we losing out on internal links, but we were also lowering our overall page score with too many pages with errors, ouch!

See for the extension to check this.

Next was perhaps the largest issue we found on this site in particular, which was a poor use of the canonical tags, we noticed the URL structure of the page’s ranking were different, many were ranking with different URL’s than the users were able to find through the categories on the website. So we had a duplicate URL issue too, great.

So before we just deleted and redirected the URL’s we didn’t want to the URL’s we did want we had to make sure we were setting up the canonical tags so we let Google know the pages that were the ‘main’ page for each product. Down the road, we were able to sort this completely with a redirect, but we recommend letting Google know what page is the ‘main’ page before we started deleting pages and redirecting them.

We also had to go through and check and optimise the meta-information for all the pages we wanted to rank, this meant removing any duplicates, making sure they weren’t too long or too short. You should always create your title tags to increase CTR, not just stuff keywords in, this is the same tactic we used here.

Once we had sorted the bulk of the on-page issues, the next was getting powerful backlinks pointed at the site. There are a few ways to do this (more like 100’s), but we wanted to focus on a couple of methods that we know work and could get the client results quickly.

First, we looked for brand mentions of the company already, reached out to those websites to see if we could turn that mention into a link.

Secondly, we wanted to create content that was actually worth linking to do this we looked at the best linked to content within the market place, using this data we went out and created new content that was actually worth linking to. This will help with getting links completely organically, but it also helps the next step in our link building process.

Finally, we began outreach to websites we’d like to get links from, this is all done with manual outreach. We find websites that we’d love to get a link from and reach out to the editors, see if we can help with any content they have coming up, or write the piece altogether. This has resulted in some great links, here are a couple of examples;


Here’s another;


The Results

So how has all this affected the rankings and traffic coming into the business? Below is a snapshot from, where you can see what it was on 28th Jan 2020 (the date we started) and where it is today (May 27th as of writing).

Let’s have a look at how this has affected the traffic coming into the site:

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