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Dental SEO Services - Arken Marketing

Getting to the top of Google can be massive for almost any business out there, when compared to other marketing methods SEO has the advantage of people ALREADY looking to do business with you.


What Is Dental SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the service of getting a certain website or web page ranking well in search engines, most commonly Google. Although Google controls roughly 90% of the search market, good SEO should optimise for all the search engines including Bing.

The beauty of dental SEO versus other digital marketing is you’re getting your business in front of people that are already searching for you when compared with traditional marketing or even other forms of social media it converts so much better. If you’re browsing through Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform, what are the chances you’re looking for a dentist?

When people find you through Google, it is because they searched for your service, not just happened to be on Facebook at the time you’re advertising. This is why the ROI from SEO, when compared to other digital marketing methods, is so high.

Before Arken

This client, in particular, was seeing steady growth but they wanted to grow even more.


With Arken

Starting work just before Christmas 2019, they’re on course to have their best year yet by far!

What Is Included in Dental SEO Services?


Every SEO campaign should start with keyword research before you get to the actual work finding out what keywords and also how competitive they’re is the only way to gauge how long you should expect to wait until you get results.

Depending on the area you’re targeting the competitiveness will vary by a lot, if you’re targeting a major city expect it to take longer than if you’re only 1 of a few dentists in the area actively doing digital marketing or SEO.

Keyword Research

As we said earlier, keyword research is perhaps the most important part of any SEO campaign. Without it, you’re potentially trying to rank for a keyword that generates 0 search volume, with dentists a lot of the keywords are fairly self-explanatory. Typically ‘location + dentists’ is the largest keyword in terms of search volume, but we can go in and break down the different services you offer, for example, crowns are also typically a highly searched term.

Depending on your location we will also find out how competitive any given keyword is at this stage, it is much better to find out what you’re up against at the beginning, rather than 3 months into your SEO campaign. The competitiveness will mostly come down to the area you’re in, for example, London is going to be far more competitive than Wrexham.

On-Page Optimisation & Google My Business Optimisation

Once we’ve found the keywords we want to target, now we can create pages on your website to target these keywords. Depending on where your starting position is this may just include some slight alterations, for others it might mean creating new pages from scratch.

We want to make sure that not only does the page make sense for anybody arriving it from Google, but we also need to make sure Google crawlers can read the website properly. We do this by creating a good internal linking structure, without this, many websites face indexing problems from the start and never rank for the keywords they have chosen.

We also want to optimise your Google My Business listing, by doing this we’re going to give ourselves the best chance of being listed on the local ‘map pack’.

Directory & Citation Auditing

Here is where we start looking off-site, a lot of websites/businesses have some sort of history online. Whether this is your first time looking at dental SEO as an option for your business or not, you will likely have some history online. At this stage, we need to go through all mentions of your website/business and make sure the information they have is up to date.

If you have moved address this is especially important, we need to make sure all the information out there about your business is accurate.


This is where most SEO campaigns fall down, it is difficult and time-consuming to get websites with authority to link to us. To do this we need an effective content marketing campaign, reaching out to websites that we want to be associated with, that will also help our website rise in the rankings.

We only build links from reputable websites, the sort of websites you would be proud to be associated with.

Links are all about building connections, and in SEO, connections matter. We can generate genuine backlinks that strengthen your site. We only use white-hat techniques to create links, which ensure the integrity of your site – and your search engine – remain safe.

Reporting & Review

With every SEO campaign, we provide monthly reporting and review. In this, we look at how we have done in the past month, and how we can improve going forward. Looking at how well any certain piece of content is doing in terms of link building, do we need to ramp up on certain keywords? This is where we find out.

SEO isn’t an exact science, there are over 200 factors that determine where any page should rank for any given keyword, no 2 campaigns are the same. With that in mind that is why we review everything on a monthly basis, it is long enough to see if things are moving in the right direction, and long enough to see if they aren’t and how can we adjust.

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