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Getting to the top of Google can be massive for almost any business out there, when compared to other marketing methods SEO has the advantage of people ALREADY looking to do business with you.


What Makes eCommerce SEO Different?

When it comes to the basics, every SEO campaign has similarities. The basics still stand, we need good content, proper internal links, and great backlinks to rank any site.

There are a whole bunch of challenges that come with e-commerce websites, not only are the linkable assets few and far between, we also don’t have a great deal of content on any individual page. Businesses don’t want to put an essay of content above their products, and why would they? They want people to buy the products, not read about them.

Also duplicate content is a big issue when it comes to the larger websites, that have 10’s-100’s of products that are very similar.

Before Arken

This client, in particular, was seeing steady growth but they wanted to grow even more.


With Arken

Starting work just before Christmas 2019, they’re on course to have their best year yet by far with our eCommerce SEO services.

What Does An eCommerce SEO Campaign Look Like?

Every campaign starts with keeping your business goals in mind, individually tailored, depending on your short term and long term goals for your business. As an experienced eCommerce SEO agency we have streamlined the process into 5 main pillars.

Keyword Research

Every eCommerce SEO services campaign, whether B2B, B2C, Local, or eCommerce needs to start with proper keyword research. We need to find out where the opportunities lie within your website/business, without this we can’t correctly put our time and effort into keywords that are going to bring in traffic, and most importantly sales to your business.

Typically category pages will be optimised for the larger terms with supporting content, and then the product pages will act as supporting pages to our category pages. We need to plan out what content is needed to take your website to the next level.

When we’re doing research we need to keep in mind what is realistic within any certain timeframe, whilst SEO doesn’t happen overnight, as a business, you need to see results in the work we’re doing to continue. With that in mind we will be building our keyword strategy around results.

On-Page Optimisation

eCommerce websites typically have similar problems to each other, a lack of content, duplication content (with the content they do have!) and cannibalisation within their pages. Our first job is always to sort the issues that the website is currently facing, then we take the information to build an on-page strategy targeting your keywords with the best possible pages.

This includes the META titles and description, which is not only optimised to rank for keywords, we want to make sure you’re getting the clicks when you’re ranking. Also, we will be creating content on all pages we want to rank, now this doesn’t mean creating essays only our product pages, but getting content on the important pages will be key to ranking. But doing it in a way in which it doesn’t take away from the goal of the page is the goal.

Linkable Content Creation

It is common knowledge that typically it is difficult to gain natural links to an eCommerce website. Websites don’t typically link out to sites with commercial intent on that page, or at least it is more difficult than a content-based page.

To get over that hurdle, we will be creating content for your website that will not only acquire links naturally but make our job easier to get reputable websites to link to your business.

The new linkable assets we will be creating will then work to include internal links to the pages we want to rank, not only does this look more natural, it allows us to get a much higher response rate when trying to convince websites to link to us.


This is where most eCommerce SEO campaigns fall down, it is difficult and time-consuming to get websites with authority to link to us. To do this we need an effective content marketing campaign, reaching out to websites that we want to be associated with, that will also help our website rise in the rankings.

We only build links from reputable websites, the sort of websites you would be proud to be associated with.

Links are all about building connections, and in SEO, connections matter. We can generate genuine backlinks that strengthen your site. We only use white-hat techniques to create links, which ensure the integrity of your site – and your search engine – remain safe.

Reporting & Review

With every SEO campaign, we provide monthly reporting and review. In this, we look at how we have done in the past month, and how we can improve going forward. Looking at how well any certain piece of content is doing in terms of link building, do we need to ramp up on certain keywords? This is where we find out.

SEO isn’t an exact science, there are over 200 factors that determine where any page should rank for any given keyword, no 2 campaigns are the same. With that in mind that is why we review everything on a monthly basis, it is long enough to see if things are moving in the right direction, and long enough to see if they aren’t and how can we adjust.


What Comes Next?

We review our process every step of the way, to ensure we’re delivering the best possible service. When we create content to start our link building, we don’t just take our own word that it will work, it gets test and edited every step of the way to ensure maximum pickup.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

This is the question we get asked everyday, all day. The answer is, it depends. Some clients will see results within the first month, some it will take over 6 months. Before we begin we can give a guideline how long it will take, this is something that depends on a lot of variables. For example, how new is your website? Have you had any SEO done previously? Have you had a penalty? What market are you in? We take all this into consideration, get in touch to find out how long it will take for your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unfortunately another answer where it depends! Just like with how long it takes, this depends more on what market you’re in so we can gauge how competitive it is. If you’re looking for a good way to figure this out whether you go ahead with us, or you want to explore doing it in-house, here is a good guide on costing out link acquisition.

How Do We Get In Touch?

You can either fill out the form at the top of the page, or go to our contact page. If you find it easier, feel free to call us on 01934 260955.

Here’s What A Proper eCommerce SEO Campaign Does

Take a look below at a company where we started work in late Jan 2020, as of July 2020 we have increased the traffic 700%.

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