Grow your audience on the most popular social network.

There are many different websites that you can advertise on, the biggest is Facebook. You simply can not know about it, if you’re on this website, you know about Facebook.

Whether or not you have considered advertising on it or not is a different question, most people don’t think too much about the adverts in the sidebar, they consider them more content and not really an invasive advert. Unlike with traditional Pay Per Click, you’re able to target people down to their interested, what groups they like, sex, age and really anything you can think about.

How Can You Advertise On Facebook?

There are various different options, you can look to send people from Facebook direct to a landing page on your website, or you can grow your Facebook company page. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, if you’re sending people directly to your website there is a chance they visit your site, decide its not for them and then that is as far as their journey with you goes.

Growing your own page, this is a way in which you increase the likes to your company page with people who’re interested in your product. You can then post to them whenever you like and appear in their feed. There is nothing, of course, stopping you from doing both at the same time.

Targetting Your Audience

The great thing about advertising on Facebook is your ability to target individuals, whether you want to target business owners, dog enthusiasts or anything that makes someone an individual you can.

Track Your Analytics

You’re able to see how the campaign is doing live, that way you’re able to adapt and improve where you feel it is necessary, obviously we would do this all for you. All you need to do is instruct us on your objectives and we will get the most possible from your budget.

Generate Leads

Watch as your audience grows, before we start we discuss your goals and ambitions for Facebook advertising. After this, we develop a content plan and advertising plan so we can meet your goals. This service is ideal for anybody looking to create a lot of buzz around their business, whether this is for a launch or a promotion.

Growing Your Audience

There are many occasions where running your own social media can become tiresome, after running it for years the content is becoming stale and boring. Whether you just want us to manage your social media or help advertise we will always grow your audience size.

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