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We’re an award-winning SEO agency that gets results online for businesses of all sizes. We specialise in helping brands to grow through organic link building.

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Getting high quality, relevant, outreach links that really move the needle is a big struggle for a lot of businesses out there. Find out how we can help drive your rankings, through organic white hat link building.

What Is Link Building, and Does It Work?

A backlink, simply put is an HTML link from one website to another. Link building is the process of getting any certain website more backlinks, this can be done 100’s of ways, some legitimate, some not.

We only focus on the legitimate ways to generate backlinks for your business, this is done through manual outreach to select websites where we would like to get featured.

So, does it work?

Absolutely it does, it’s very much a long term strategy which when properly implemented can provide massive growth for your business, depending on your current situation.

We’ve acquired thousands of links for our clients over the last few years, each is tracked and monitored to make sure it is in line with our client’s principles, is relevant and passes authority.

Our Link Building Process


Before we start reaching out to other websites we need to plan the strategy we’re going to take, this includes a content audit of what you currently have (it’s much easier to get better links, if you have linkable content). Along with researching the type of sites we want to get links from.


This is where we compile a list of all the websites we’d like to get a link from, this is where it is important to make sure that the websites pass our quality guidelines. Not only do we need to make sure the websites we deal with are going to actually help your website to rank, but we also do this by auditing their link profile, checking the relevance and making sure they’re not link farms.


Getting featured on the best websites isn’t overly complicated, there is an art to it, but it’s not complicated. We need to approach the website owners/editors with the right value proposition. This is where we rely heavily on the research we’ve already done, to make sure we’re crafting the best possible pitches, along with the right content to link to.

Not every campaign will be the same, some work better with guest posts, some resource pages, sometimes a sponsorship.


At the end of every month, you will get a full report with all the links that have been built, along with all the metrics that go with those links. That way you can go through and verify all the work we do and keep on file the awesome links we’ve built for you.

This is the point in which we will start to see results for your campaigns, typically it can take from 2 – 12 weeks to see the benefit of any single link, however, building them consistently has compounding benefits.

My job as the marketing manager is to get the most out of the marketing budget I’m allocated each year, and hands down investing in Arken has been the best decision we have made. Continual growth, year on year, we look forward to working with them even more.

Daniel - Marketing ManagerVery happy with Arken's work so far!

I want to thank Richard and his team, they helped me sort a website out and brought in business right from the beginning. I have since been able to make my first hire and already planning on expanding again, thank you!

Simon K - Plumbing Business OwnerMade my first hire with Arken's help.

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