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When you’re putting content onto your website, it is important to remember what your goal is, and how you can achieve it. Whether you’re trying to generate more buzz about a product launch, or just sell a product. Copywriting is what will make the difference from an average website, and a great one.

Not only are you writing for the human visitors, you’re writing for the search engines. Although you should always write for the people that will actually read your content, forgetting search engines will leave a big hole in your SEO. This is where most people fall down, they can either do one or the other. We specialise in optimising websites not only for search engines but also conversions.

Writing For People

We often see websites that other agencies and “SEO Specialists” have created, often you’ll find optimized content for search engines when you actually read it, it’s clear to see. Creating content that engages with the reader, and provokes a reaction from them takes time, skill and experience.

Writing For Search Engines

Gone are the days when you had to stick to mentioning your keyword a certain number of times per 100 words. Going back in time, you were able to rank websites by spamming your website with the keyword you wanted to rank for. Thankfully for everybody who uses search engines, this isn’t the case anymore, however, there is a certain amount of optimization that you need to do to effectively target keywords.

Here at Arken Marketing, we have a track record of providing our customers with the best content possible, not only does our content read well, it naturally attracts backlinks. If you want to talk to us about content or a full SEO campaign, please get in touch below.

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