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Getting to the top of Google can be massive for almost any business out there, when compared to other marketing methods SEO has the advantage of people ALREADY looking to do business with you.

There are over 200 factors that determine where any certain website should rank for any given keyword. If you want to grow your organic search traffic you should focus on 5 key areas.

Our services span the 5 key pillars of SEO, technical, keyword research, on-page SEO, content & link building.

We focus on providing a positive ROI, unlike other SEO service agencies out there, if we don’t think we can provide a positive ROI we won’t work together, simple.

We can sell our services on their own, or we do provide full service SEO campaigns where we do everything.

We always start with the SEO strategy, do you have one already in place?

Without a clear strategy SEO can be a money pit, but before we start work we do all the research to make sure what we are about to do, will get results.

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Or do you want to run the risk that your competitor will do it?

Before Arken

This client, in particular, was seeing steady growth but they wanted to grow their organic traffic faster.

Before After

With Arken

Starting work just before Christmas 2019, they’re on course to have their best year yet by far!

They had an amazing 2020!

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Our Proven Approach To Doing SEO For Your Business

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Technical SEO Services

All our SEO campaigns begin with a technical audit, depending on the size and structure of your site will determine the level of analysis needed.

We need to make sure the rest of the steps we take will work as it should, this starts with having a technically sound website. We want to make Google’s job as easy as possible.

Keyword Research

We start from the top down, not all keywords are created equal. Although traffic is the ultimate goal, we want traffic that is going to benefit your business.

We do this through proper targeting, and we can only find the targets, with keyword research.

On-Page SEO

The intent of a keyword or a page is becoming more and more important. We compare your pages to similar pages that match the intent and then create content briefs around that.

If we compare a post roundup with a product category page our page isn’t really going to work. We’ve all seen the product category pages with 1000’s of words, and no thought to the actual visitor. We don’t do that.

Content Creation

Good content is going to help every aspect of the SEO campaign, it will help us generate more links, it will help us sell more products, and it will help us rank.

We create content that engages readers and sells your products.

Link Building Services

The final piece of the puzzle, going through all the steps will make the links we build so much more effective. And if we have great content, a lot easier to build!

In the previous step we will have created content worth link to, but it doesn’t happen by itself, we promote the hell out of our linkable assets.


Without seeing your site, there is no way to really answer this. Most businesses can benefit from SEO as if there is a demand for it in the 'real world' then there will be a search demand for it.


Get in touch and we can have a look at all of this, no cost.

It's difficult impossible to really give an idea when talking to all sorts of businesses a rough estimate on how long you should expect to wait to see results. Some businesses we can rank within a couple of weeks, some others their main keywords can take over a year to get on the first page.

This doesn't mean you will get nothing until your main keywords are ranked, we will be finding short, medium and long term keywords all part of our keyword research.

Different websites need different amounts of time, local seo typically is quicker to see results when compared to eCommerce. But it all comes down to your starting point, and your competition.

It's really impossible to say why your website isn't ranking without looking at it, there are over 200 ranking factors that determine where any given page should rank for any given keyword.


However, they mostly come down to a few main things:


  1. A Technically Sound Website (Can Google crawl it easily?)
  2. Good Content
  3. Matching Intent - Becoming more and more popular
  4. Links

Most (not all) of the time it will come down to those 4 things that will explain why you're not ranking where you want to be.

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