Why Just Having A Website Isnt Enough

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Most businesses now have websites (although not all!), but we’re still seeing websites in 2020 that are just there for the sake of having a website. People are told that they need a website, so they go out and find the more ‘affordable’ web design company they can find and they get that a website.

People need to take a step back and understand why do their businesses need a website? To get more customers? To build a brand? To spread awareness? To sell products?

Before you start building a website, the goal should already be in mind, what are you hoping to achieve with it? Take our website as an example, we’ve built it to generate business through phone calls and emails. You can’t miss our phone number or email on any page (it’s 01934 260955 btw ;)). Plus for a business like ours, it would be a little bit awkward not to have a website.

Before We Get To The Visuals

Creating a website that looks great isn’t that difficult, but creating a website to convert is more difficult. This is why before we take on any project we always discuss the final goal, the whole process is created around the end goal. If a plumber wants calls they need their number on their site, simple right? So should we just copy + paste their number all over the website? No there is an art to find ing the right balance between flooding a page with the conversion goal and not taking away from the design. Most businesses will agree that they want a website that looks good and represents their business how they want to be seen because we associate a professional website with a professional business.

We make our mind up on the business within seconds of getting on any website, below is an example of a simple website that lacks visually but has their goal though out. They want calls to their business, nothing wrong with that. But they have forgotten about the effect a ugly website will have on their potential customers.

For what they lack in design at least they have a goal in mind with their website. Aside from the design issues, they aren’t ranking in Google either, but that’s a subject for another post. Whilst this may be an extreme example we’re seeing these sorts of websites every day.

Below is an example of a slightly better design but they haven’t thought about the end goal, they may look slightly better (still not very good!) they have forgotten what the purpose of their website is.

Whilst this website still leaves a lot to be desired from a visual standpoint, it hasn’t even considered that the goal of it should be to get people to call to book appointments.

Neither of the above websites performs very well, they don’t rank and even if people were finding them the chances of them calling through are slim at best.

So What Should Your Website Look Like?

This will depend on various things, obviously, we covered what goal you have in mind will massively influence the design of your site. But for this example, we will show you what a website in the same industry should look like.

The taste is subjective but there is no doubt about what the goal of this website is, it’s designed around the goal of getting people to call. Obviously they have their business number at the top, also a CTA (call to action) at the top to book an appointment. But they’ve addressed the most common concerns for potential customers before you scroll down the page.

This website not only looks far better, but also will convert at a much, much higher rate. Also, this is the only website of the 3 that actually ranks on Google.

If you’d like to talk to us about web design that converts please get in touch today.

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